Help To Save Wildlife

Our ecosystem is comprised of animals and wildlife. Wildlife plays a vital role in maintaining the balance between ecosystem and mankind. India has been marked as the country with most beautiful wildlife in the world, including the dense green forests and luscious greenery and tropical trees which are way more fascinating and also the different species of wild animals and endangered species in their natural habitat. Apart from this beautiful scenario, there’s hidden a big black mark which refers to the extinction of animals and its species and thereby devastation of Indian wildlife. Animals are in danger, not only in India but in the entire world. Animals are calling for help, they need help and severe help to save their lives and protect from cruelty and human activities. There are many national parks where wildlife is in great danger because of the increase in the abduction and poaching of wild animals and especially tigers which may lead to an extinction of the species. Animals are threatened by human’s ruthless activities. In real terms, “Humans are being the real life animals in the world”.

To Help To Save Wildlife, the topmost need is to spread awareness among the society by educating people around through posters, pictures, and articles in magazines and underlining the issue in accordance with the need of saving ecosystem and wildlife. Help animals and save them from cruelty and assault which they go through in day to day life, be it wild animals or endanger species they all have been tortured and killed on a daily basis. Start raising your voice against the cruelty and assault that have been doing to animals either for fun or for business and help be a voice for who cannot speak.

The wildlife has been constantly supporting the rise in the census of the wild animals in spreading awareness and presenting education about them in schools and colleges about the need and importance of wildlife. The list of Endangered Wildlife and Animals is getting large each year. One conservative estimate has placed almost forty percent of all the species in the verge of having the ecological extinction. Here are some ideas being threshed out to save most if not all of our endangered wildlife and animals for future.

• Spreading the Awareness
• Wildlife protection and feeding initiative
• Joining the hands with worthy organizations
• Stop purchasing any endangered plants or animal related products
• Arrange fundraising and charity events

The first thing that you can do to preserve these animals and plants in need is to create awareness about them. The list of endangered spices is visible on the internet so one can read about it, talk to friend or even tell the kids about the fate of these animals that might not survive if a collective effort is not made.

The wildlife protection and activates can be started even in your area too. Read about the different animals and plants in your area that might be facing such fate. Arranging the feeding programs can be great way to be part of this. During this project you can start making the bird feeders, bird baths, clean the protected area of human waste especially the plastic that is practically indestructible. The social action and collective efforts can be made for protection of these species you can start the campaign for signature and even change or start of a new piece of legislation too.